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Presidency School Bangalore North (PSBN) is a premium CBSE School in Yelahanka, Bangalore North that ensures that your children excel in life. The school is part of the Presidency Group of Institutions, which is managed by the A.H. Memorial Educational Trust, Bangalore. PSBN is rated as one of the Top IGCSE school in Yelahanka

The school is set on a sprawling 6.5 acre campus with scientifically designed learning facilities and state-of-the-art sports and talent promotion infrastructure. With highly qualified mentors and an innovative pedagogy that focuses on experiential learning, we make education both challenging and fun for your children.

At PSBN, we don't just believe in academic excellence, but in preparing your child to excel in life. The following tenets form the basis of our 'Life School' philosophy.

"We believe that learning is a lifelong companion that escorts your child to fulfillment and satisfaction. Hence, we do not merely impart knowledge, but install in your child the love for learning and the passion to excel."

An enriching life is more than just academic success

We believe that good education is more than mere academic grades. Which is why we ensure that your children receive exceptional intellectual, personal, emotional and social grooming, thus preparing them for all of life's challenges.

The right opportunities bring out the best in all children

Every child has the potential to excel. And this potential is unleashed when their hidden talents are discovered and nurtured. Therefore, world-class learning facilities apart, we offer an array of opportunities to find and shape the unique talents of our young achievers, so that they can carve a niche for themselves in the world.

Life's lessons are learned outside the four walls of a classroom

Learning is a continuous process and it cannot be restricted to the confines of an institution. When children begin to look at learning beyond their classrooms, they develop a thirst for knowledge and a passion for excellence. This helps them look at the world with an open mind and adapt to anything that they would encounter in their lives.

With our world-class facilities, new and improved learning methods and an array of opportunities, we ensure that your child receives exceptional intellectual, personal, emotional and social grooming, thus preparing him/her for all of life's challenges. It is the school that you should look for in North Bangalore.

Three 'winning steps to education' that we strongly believe in:

Theory to Experience
At PSBN, teaching goes beyond books and classrooms. We believe in experiential schooling, where theoretical concepts are reinforced through personal interaction and experience.

Experience to learning
There's no better way to learn than from experience. At PSBN, we believe that experiential learning results in knowledge that can not only improve academic grades but also enrich life.

Learning to excellence
When true learning happens, it leads to insights. Clear, profound insights that inspire excellence. And excellence is what we strive to instil in every child at PSBN.

PSBN has been the preferred CBSE School in Yelahanka, Bangalore for many parents for their children.


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